Cash for Junk Cars Hollywood Fl
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Cash for Junk Cars Hollywood Fl
Cash for Junk Cars Hollywood Fl

Testimonials – junk car buyers, Hollywood, FL

Our Customers Are Talking…

We mentioned earlier that you should take a look at a company’s testimonials prior to using them. We stand behind this viewpoint and personally will not go anywhere without first checking out the reviews left by customers. Most businesses claim to be the best but most cannot live up to their own claims. So ask those who have actually used them. We think you’ll be pleased with what people are saying about us, and convinced to use us if you need a salvage yard in Florida.

“I did a few online searches for things like, “Looking for scrap car buyer in Florida” and “Trying to sell a junk car in Hollywood, FL.” I found random sites that looking like obvious scams, but then I came across Cash for Junk Cars Hollywood FL.  

I couldn’t be happier that I found this place. Not only were they completely understanding when I told them I lost the title to my 1999 car years ago, but they offered to come pick it up, free of charge. They asked me some quick questions regarding its condition and some other details, and offered me a price for it. When the tow truck came to get it, I was paid the exact price agreed upon. Awesome experience, very easy.” – Sarah V., Hollywood

“I bought my Nissan Altima back in 2002 and literally ran this car into the ground. It’s probably the most reliable vehicle I ever owned, but eventually, after one moderately bad accident, it wouldn’t run safely anymore. I was afraid to even drive it a few miles away to sell it. Cash for Junk Cars Hollywood said they would come to me out by Hallandale Beach. I asked them how much it would cost to pick it up, and they told me that it wouldn’t cost me a thing. I was pretty shocked at this, because most companies just nickel and dime you.

I told them that the car wasn’t in good shape at all, and they were fine with it. They said they take cars in any condition. In a nutshell, they were true to everything they said, paid me cash when they came to pick it up, and needed minimal information on my end. Just the basics, as expected. I would use them again if I wanted to get some quick money for a junk car. Hallandale Beach residents trying to junk cars should definitely use this place!” – Cassandra S., Hallandale Beach

“I found this place in Hollywood, FL and have been told they are a good junk car buyer. I wasn’t sure if they would make the trip out to Pembroke Pines, but I was really surprised to hear that they would and that they wouldn’t charge me for it. I had a 2003 Ford Focus that was just sitting in my garage, which is a single car garage that I wanted to use for other things, like storing my bike, decorations, etc. I wanted to clear up space basically. Anyway, I had tried to sell this car once before but had a bad experience with a random buyer. I didn’t bother for a couple years after that because I didn’t need the money.

Cash for Junk Cars Hollywood FL offered me a set rate that I was happy with, especially since I didn’t have to bring the car to them. Thank you so much. I will continue to tell people that you are the best scrap car buyer around.” – Chad W., Pembroke Pines

“This place is unbeatable if you are looking to junk a car. I sold my Lexus to them which had close to 200,000 miles on it and was useless to me. They picked it up and paid me right away. Very easy.” – Clif H., Davie

We take our reviews seriously, and wouldn’t be happy with anything less than the extremely positive feedback that we have been getting recently. When you are looking for a Weston junk car buyer, a Miami scrap car buyer, a salvage yard near Ft. Lauderdale, be sure to remember our name. We make things as easy as possible because we know that this is what our customers want. This is what keeps them coming back.
For a smooth experience, fast cash for cars and convenience that can’t be found elsewhere, turn to the team at Cash for Junk Cars Hollywood FL. We will make sure that you are paid right away for your junk car, regardless of its condition and regardless of how old it is.

Talk to us if you want to know what we will need from you. We can guarantee that your experience will be positive.

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