Cash for Junk Cars Hollywood Fl
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Cash for Junk Cars Hollywood Fl
Cash for Junk Cars Hollywood Fl

How to sell junk car for cash, Hollywood,FL


Junk Car Sale

How Junk Car Buyers Operate

Cash for Junk Cars Hollywood FL started out as a small business with one goal in mind – to make sure that customers are satisfied with what we do so that we can continue to grow even more as a business due to their positive feedback and referrals. We have achieved this goal and are proud to say that we offer everything that you need when you want to sell a scrap car or truck in Hollywood, Florida.

How We Do Things

Different businesses do things in different ways, but our process stays the same. You call us because you have a junk car. We ask you about its condition, year, make and model. You let us know if you have the title and if you don’t, we provide other options to still make the sale – often times, your license and registration information will suffice. We agree to a price and we schedule a time to pick up your car, or you can drop it off to us if it happens to be running and is convenient for you. Then, we pick up the car and load it onto our flatbed tow truck and pay you the amount we agreed to.

There are no “ifs, ands or buts” with us! Our process is clear cut and simple. It is exactly what our customers tell us they want.

Here is some advice when searching for a junk car removal company in Hollywood, Florida:

  1. First and foremost, once you have pulled up a business via the internet or phone book, check out its reviews. The internet offers quick, easy access to everything that you need, so there is no excuse to not check out a company before you decide to use them. Try Yelp, for instance. Or, look at the testimonials on the company’s web site. We are proud of our reviews because customers are always pleased with us.
  2. Talk to the company about any fees that might be incurred as a result of junking a car or truck. Perhaps they charge for towing the vehicle. We don’t do this. We offer you a price over the phone that is based on your accurate description of said vehicle, and we don’t detract any fees from the amount that we pay you.
  3. See if you need anything to sell the car. If the business is doing things legally, you will need your title. If the title is not available, then you will need registration paperwork and your driver’s license in order to prove ownership of the vehicle. We make sure that everything is covered while still providing you with options in case you don’t have the title for some reason.
  4. Call multiple businesses for price estimates. Whether you are looking to sell a scrap car in Miami, Boca Raton, Ft. Lauderdale, Hollywood or anywhere else in South Florida, make sure you are getting the best deal. We pay top dollar here.
  5. Finally, get a receipt or some sort of evidence of the sale. The vehicle is no longer yours to deal with, so you shouldn’t face potential problems later. We, of course, give you a receipt at Cash for Junk Cars Hollywood.

Choose Us

We provide you with an alternative option to leaving your car sitting in your yard or garage unused. We pay cash for damaged vehicles and you don’t have to come to us to sell them.

Call Cash for Junk Cars Hollywood FL today for further details.